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IFNA is a group of concerned Muslims whose aims and goals are to systematize and organize
the teaching of Original Islam, as understood by the traditional majority of Muslim scholars through the ages.


IFNA cultivates a talented group of writers and illustrators in order to produce quality educational materials
for both adults and especially children.


We do not subscribe to any sect or ideological trend within the Muslim milieu, but rather seek to keep
an open ended commitment to the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of all Muslims and indeed,
of all humanity.


   The Islamic Foundation of North America is dedicated to creating the ideal curriculum and syllabus for the study of Islam, Arabic and Muslim-themed literature in full-time parochial schools, weekend classes and also for homeschoolers.  

   In addition to writing and publishing our own original materials, we also incorporate into our syllabus books, audios and other items drawn from a variety of sources.  

   Your support is crucial as we do not solicit or accept funds from any organization either in the U.S. or abroad.  All of our work is funded from our own pockets and from dedicated individuals who would like to see the standardization of the Islamically based curriculum for students in the modern world.

   You will find complete syllabi covering Islam, reading and Arabic as well as a full discussion of the aims of each.  A model weekend school program is also within this website as well as many other resources and goodies.  Our goal is to enable schools, teachers and parents to present Islam and its worldview in a logical, faithful and complete way with the idea that the young will better be able to integrate their spiritual tradition in a variety of societal contexts.

Support the Education of Young People

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